Most Natural Beautiful Country in the World

Most Natural Beautiful Country in the World

Posted By M. Isaac Apr 26, 2019

Quantifying the beauty of a country for the sake of ranking is a tough task. It requires deep insight, keen observation, and an eye on multiple contributing factors on the part of the part of the ranking authority.

Before proceeding to giving a verdict about the most natural beautiful country in the world, it is pertinent to make distinction between the “most beautiful” and the “most naturally beautiful”. Each of these lenses is bound to give a different view of the things under observation and lead to a different conclusion. Simply put, an area having lost much of its naturalness can still be considered worth seeing for its manmade attractions.

While some tourists and observers put more weight behind humanmade architecture, the majority of them still vote for nature, i.e. the naturalness. Searching the web, you will find out that some reviewers regard Scotland as the most natural beautiful country in the world while others vote for Canada, Italy, Brazil, or Spain for the top position.

Here the nation state to be ranked as the most natural beautiful county in the world would abound more in natural beauty and less in synthetic or manmade fascination.

Canada–Does It Really Deserve the Title of the Most Natural Beautiful Country in the World?

It is not just our choice but the ranking authorities, like World Atlas, also vote for Canada as the most natural beautiful country in the world. But what makes this North American nation earn or deserve that title? Before proceeding to a logical answer this question, let’s have a brief overview of the country.

Canada in Brief: Stretching from the Arctic Circle in the north to the US in the south, Canada is the second largest country in the world by area, after Russia. However, it moves to the fourth rank if the area occupied by its waters is excluded. It makes coastline along the world’s largest (the Pacific) and the second largest (the Atlantic) oceans.


  • Longest Coastline: With the total length of 0.24 million kilometres, Canada has the longest coastline in the world.
  • Most Natural Beautiful Country Canada Coastline
  • Longest Land Border: Canada makes the longest land border in the world which stretches for the length of around 8,891 kilometres.
  • Largest Number of Lakes: Did you know Canada boasts of the largest number of lakes in the world? There are as many as over 200,000 lakes in the country, housing much of the world’s fresh water reserves.
  • Most Natural Beautiful Country Canada Moraine Lake
  • 8 Forest Regions: There are as many as eight distinct forest regions in the country, namely, Acadian, Boreal, Coastal, Columbia, Deciduous, Great Lakes-St. Lawrence, Montane and Subalpine forest regions. The forest cover spans across nearly half of the country.

Tourist Attractions:

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once claimed, “Canada is a country built be immigrants”. Obviously, people like to travel to and settle in the country to enjoy its scenic beauty and lead a healthy lifestyle. Raw beauty and majestic landscape make Canada a famous tourist attraction in the world.

The most natural beautiful country in the world, Canada serves as the wild, urban and romantic destinations at the same time. The country’s mountains, valleys, lakes and forest abound in scenic beauty.

In addition to watching animals in the national parks, the tourists also get the opportunity to have a once in a lifetime outdoor experience in the wilderness of Yukon. And in the cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, the travellers can feast their eyes on some of the best architecture in the world.

Here is a brief list of major tourist attractions in Canada:

  • Niagara Falls: Located along the American border, the Niagara Falls are generally regarded as the most famous natural attraction in the country. Dropping approximately 57 meters, these massive falls bring in millions of visitors each year.
  • Most Natural Beautiful Country Canada Niagara Falls
  • Banff National Park: Lying in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the Banff National Park offers an outstanding scenic beauty. In this stunning park, you can have an easy access to snow-capped peaks, turquoise-coloured lakes and glaciers.
  • Most Natural Beautiful Country Canada Banff National Park
  • CN Tower: One of the most famous landmarks in Canada, the iconic CN Tower stands an impressive 553 meters high on the shores of Lake Ontario.
  • Most Natural Beautiful Country Canada CN Tower
  • Old Quebec: One of Canada’s historic gems, the Old Quebec City has been listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Most Natural Beautiful Country Canada Old Quebec
  • Old Montreal: Lined with lovely historic buildings, Old Montreal houses several must-see places, like Notre-Dame Basilica, City Hall, Marche Bonsecours, and Rue Bonsecours.
  • Bay of Fundy: Located between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the eastern part of the country, the Bay of Fundy is famous for its amazing tides. The up to 19 metres variation between high and low tides is the largest in the world.
  • Most Natural Beautiful Country Canada - Bay of Funday

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