Dove Lake - Lakes in Australia

Some Famous Lakes in Australia - Blue, Pink, Dove Lakes etc

Posted By Maria Sep 09, 2015

The Australian continent is known for its enormous natural beauty which comes from a diverse landscape. Among various natural landmarks, several attractive lakes enhance the charm of the region. Discussed below are seven of the most popular of these water bodies.

Blue Lake

Adding to the beauty of South Australia is the Blue Lake which is located in Mount Gambier. The lake has been named after its charming deep blue waters.

However, a change of color is seen from autumn all through the winters when the waters appear grayish. It is a monomictic lake formed as a result of volcanic eruptions on Australia’s mainland which took place thousands of years ago. The lake is 1,087 meters long with a breadth of 657 meters at its widest point. It reaches a depth of 77 meters at some points while its average depth measures up to 72 meters.

The Blue Lake is a source of fresh water for the population living in its surrounding region. In addition, the scenic beauty of the water body is also an attraction for the local residents as well as tourists. The lake’s shore houses a monument of the celebrated poet, Adam Lindsay Gordon.

Blue Lake - Lakes in Australia

Dove Lake

Another of the most beautiful lakes in Australia is the Dove Lake. It is located in the island state of Tasmania near the Cradle Mountain. It is among the continent’s popular tourist attractions owing to its immense scenic beauty. The Dove Lake is surrounded by towering mountains as well as fresh green plantation. Walking paths have been developed next to the water body which let tourists explore the surrounding region. These paths also lead to the Cradle Mountain for a more adventurous expedition. However, visitors need to take precautions since the area houses tiger snakes.

The formation of Dove Lake took place through the process of glaciation. The surrounding region houses a diversity of plants and animal species. Populations of wombats, pademelons and echidnas are found in addition to tiger snakes.

Dove Lake - Lakes in Australia

Lake Alexandrina

The beautiful Lake Alexandrina of South Australia is associated with fascinating historical significance. It has been named after the princess of Great Britain and Ireland who was the successor to King William IV. According to an aboriginal myth, a legendary monster – the Muldjewangk – inhabited the lake.

The lake is also associated with geographical significance. The Murray River, which is one of the major rivers of the continent, discharges into Lake Alexandrina. In addition, the water body also receives discharge from several other rivers including Rivers Bremer, Finniss and Angas. Moreover, the lake is located near the coast of the Southern Ocean.

Lake Alexandrina - Lakes in Australia

Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is a heavenly water body located on Fraser Island in Queensland. The lake falls into the region covered by the Great Sandy National Park. The immense charm of the lake comes from its mesmerizing turquoise waters. In addition, the surrounding white sand enhances the attraction of Lake McKenzie. It is, therefore, one of the most famous tourist spots in the country. Facilities are available for visitors to let them enjoy a retreat to the fullest. Areas around the lake have been developed to serve as camping sites or picnic spots while restroom facility is also available.

Lake McKenzie - Lakes in Australia

The waters of Lake McKenzie are immensely pure. The lack of mixed nutrients makes it unsuitable for most forms of life to flourish in the lake. In addition, the lake is quite shallow, with an average depth of merely 5 meters. It is, however, quite long running to the maximum length of 1,200 meters and spreading across the maximum width of 930 meters.

Lake Eacham

Another enchanting water body adding to the beauty of Queensland in Australia is Lake Eacham. It is located on the Atherton Tableland and has been formed due to volcanic activity of the past. The lake is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list of Wet Tropics.

Lake Eacham is surrounded by a lush green rainforest. It is included in the region occupied by the Craters Lake National Park. Other than offering its scenic beauty as an attraction to tourists, it also allows visitors to indulge in several fun activities such as paddle boating as well as swimming. On the other hand, the surrounding region is perfect for those interested in bushwalking or bird watching. Animal lovers find it fascinating to see rainbow fish swimming around in the waters of Lake Eacham.

Lake Eacham - Lakes in Australia

Lake Hillier

One of the most fascinating lakes found in Australia is the Lake Hillier. It is famous for the unique color of its waters – pink. Owing to this reason, it is also referred to as the Pink Lake. Although the exact reason for this color has still not been discovered, according to some scientists and researchers, it is because of high levels of bacterial and algae growth combined with low levels of nutrients.

Lake Hillier is a saline water body. It is located on the Recherche Archipelago at Western Australia’s south coast. The lake is surrounded by a dense border of eucalyptus trees. In addition, pure white sand also borders its edges.

Although the intriguing water body is an attraction for tourists, it is not easily accessible. The most common way of travelling to Lake Hillier is by helicopter. In addition, interested tourists can also take a cruise in order to visit the fascinating lake and observe its surrounding eucalyptus forest.

Lake Hillier - Lakes in Australia

Lake Cootharaba

The gorgeous lake Cootharaba is located in Queensland. It is part of the southern region of the Great Sandy National Park. The lake is 10 kilometers long with an average depth of 1.5 meters. It serves as a channel for the Noosa River which joins the lake from the north and leaves through its southern part to become a part of the Pacific Ocean through a navigable channel. Lake Cootharaba is popular for housing an abundance of fish and offering activities like swimming to tourists.

Lake Cootharaba - Lakes in Australia

All of these beautiful lakes contribute towards the continent’s pride which boasts of enormous natural beauty bestowed upon it by nature.

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