Complete List of Countries in Asia Continent

Country Population (2019) Area GDP - Per Capita Flag Map Capital Largest City by Pop. Subregion Currency
Afghanistan 37,209,007 652,860 Km2 $616 Afghanistan Afghanistan Map Kabul Kabul Southern Asia Afghan afghani
Armenia 2,936,706 29,743 km² $4,323 Armenia Armenia Map Yerevan Yerevan Western Asia Armenian Dram
Azerbaijan 10,014,575 86,600 km² $4,786 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Map Baku Baku Western Asia Azerbaijani manat
Bahrain 1,637,896 765.3 km² $24,240 Bahrain Bahrain Map Manama Manama Western Asia Bahraini dinar
Bangladesh 168,065,920 147,570 km² $1,861 Bangladesh Bangladesh Map Dhaka Dhaka Southern Asia Bangladeshi taka
Bhutan 826,229 38,394 km² $3,389 Bhutan Bhutan Map Thimphu Thimphu Southern Asia Indian rupee, Bhutanese ngultrum
Brunei 439,336 5,765 km² $33,667 Brunei Brunei Map Bandar Seri Begawan Bandar Seri Begawan South-Eastern Asia Brunei dollar
Cambodia 16,482,646 181,035 km² $1,616 Cambodia Cambodia Map Phnom Penh Phnom Penh South-Eastern Asia Cambodian riel
China 1,420,062,022 9.597 million km² $10,946 China China Map Beijing Shanghai Eastern Asia Renminbi
Cyprus 1,198,427 9,251 km² $21,995 Cyprus Cyprus Map Nicosia Limassol Western Asia Euro
Georgia 3,904,204 153,910 km² $4,465 Georgia Georgia Map Tbilisi Tbilisi Western Asia Georgian lari
India 1,368,737,513 3.287 million km² $2,305 India India Map New Delhi New Delhi Southern Asia Indian rupee
Indonesia 269,536,482 1.905 million km² $4,277 Indonesia Indonesia Map Jakarta Jakarta South-Eastern Asia Indonesian rupiah
Iran 82,820,766 1.648 million km² $4,988 Iran Iran Map Tehran Tehran Southern Asia Iranian rial
Iraq 40,412,299 437,072 km² $5,776 Iraq Iraq Map Baghdad Baghdad Western Asia Iraqi dinar
Israel 8,583,916 20,770 km² $45,510 Israel Israel Map Jerusalem Jerusalem Western Asia Israeli new shekel
Japan 126,854,745 377,972 km² $42,271 Japan Japan Map Tokyo Tokyo Eastern Asia Japanese yen
Jordan 10,069,794 89,342 km² $4,448 Jordan Jordan Map Amman Amman Western Asia Jordanian dinar
Kazakhstan 17,948,816 2.725 million km² $10,244 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Map Astana Almaty
North Korea 25,727,408 120,538 km² $653 North Korea North Korea Map Pyongyang Pyongyang Eastern Asia North Korean won
South Korea 51,339,238 100,210 km² $34,626 South Korea South Korea Map Seoul Seoul Eastern Asia South Korean won
Kuwait 4,248,974 17,818 km² $32,983 Kuwait Kuwait Map Kuwait City Kuwait City Western Asia Kuwaiti dinar
Kyrgyzstan 6,218,616 199,900 km² $1,291 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Map Bishkek Bishkek Central Asia Kyrgyzstani som
Laos 7,064,242 236,800 km² $2,840 Laos Laos Map Vientiane Vientiane South-Eastern Asia Lao kip
Lebanon 6,065,922 10,452 km² $9,294 Lebanon Lebanon Map Beirut Beirut Western Asia Lebanese pound
Malaysia 32,454,455 330,803 km² $12,405 Malaysia Malaysia Map Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur South-Eastern Asia Malaysian ringgit
Maldives 451,738 297.8 km² $11,442 Maldives Maldives Map Male Male Southern Asia Maldivian rufiyaa
Mongolia 3,166,244 1.564 million km² $4,354 Mongolia Mongolia Map Ulan Bator Ulan Bator Eastern Asia Mongolian tögrög
Myanmar 54,336,138 676,575 km² $1,380 Myanmar Myanmar Map Naypyidaw Yangon South-Eastern Asia Burmese kyat
Nepal 29,942,018 147,181 km² $960 Nepal Nepal Map Kathmandu Kathmandu Southern Asia Nepalese rupee
Oman 5,001,875 309,501 km² $17,121 Oman Oman Map Muscat Muscat Western Asia Omani rial
Pakistan 204,596,442 881,913 km² $1,381 Pakistan Pakistan Map Islamabad Karachi Southern Asia Pakistani rupee
Philippines 108,106,310 300,000 km² $3,291 Philippines Philippines Map Manila Quezon City South-Eastern Asia Philippine peso
State of Palestine 5,186,790 6,220 km² $2,583 Palestine Palestine Map Ramallah, East Jerusalem Gaza City Western Asia Israeli new shekel, Egyptian pound, Jordanian dinar
Qatar 2,743,901 11,571 km² $70,668 Qatar Qatar Map Doha Doha Western Asia Qatari riyal
Russia 142,470,272 17.1 million km² $12,191 Russia Russia Map Moscow Moscow Europe, Asia Russian ruble
Saudi Arabia 34,140,662 2.15 million km² $22,238 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Map Riyadh Riyadh Western Asia Saudi riyal
Singapore 5,868,104 721.5 km² $62,675 Singapore Singapore Map Singapore Singapore South-Eastern Asia Singapore dollar
Sri Lanka 21,018,859 65,610 km² $4,741 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Map Colombo Colombo Southern Asia Sri Lankan rupee
Syria 18,499,181 185,180 km² $1,198 Syria Syria Map Damascus Aleppo Western Asia Syrian pound
Tajikistan 9,292,000 143,100 km² $880 Tajikistan Tajikistan Map Dushanbe Dushanbe Central Asia Tajikistani samani, Ruble
Taiwan 23,758,247 36,193 km² $26,121 Taiwan Taiwan Map Taipei Taipei East Asia New Taiwan dollar
Thailand 69,306,160 513,120 km² $7,504 Thailand Thailand Map Bangkok Bangkok South-Eastern Asia Thai baht
Timor-Leste 1,352,360 15,410 km² $2,240 Timor-Leste Timor-Leste Map Dili Dili South-Eastern Asia nited States Dollar, Indonesian rupiah
Turkey 82,961,805 783,562 km² $11,592 Turkey Turkey Map Ankara Istanbul Western Asia Turkish lira
Turkmenistan 5,942,561 491,210 km² $7,808 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Map Ashgabat Ashgabat Central Asia Turkmenistan manat
United Arab Emirates 9,682,088 83,600 km² $44,188 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Map Abu Dhabi Dubai Western Asia United Arab Emirates dirham
Uzbekistan 32,807,368 447,400 km² $1,460 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Map Tashkent Tashkent Central Asia Uzbekistani soʻm
Vietnam 97,429,061 331,210 km² $2,719 Vietnam Vietnam Map Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City South-Eastern Asia Vietnamese dong
Yemen 29,579,986 527,968 km² $590 Yemen Yemen Map Sana'a Sana'a Western Asia Yemeni rial