Stunning Facts About Asia

Posted By Maria Oct 15, 2015

Asia is the world’s largest continent and spreads over an area of around 44579000 square kilometers. It sustains diverse cultural groups and, therefore, intrigues the western world. Inhabitants around the rest of the globe find Asian cultures, traditions and physical wonders to be immensely interesting. The following discussion contains a number of enthralling facts about Asia.

The Largest Population Density

Asia is the largest continent of the planet both in terms of land as well as population. The vast area of the continent has been providing home to different civilizations throughout the history of the world. Today, as much as sixty percent of the total population of the world resides in Asia. Moreover, with a population density of eighty seven people per square kilometer, the continent also has the highest density of population as compared to the rest of the six continents.

Asian Facts - The Largest Population Density

A Rich History

Historians have discovered the earliest civilizations of the world to have originated in Asia. Mesopotamia’s Sumer Civilization is as old as seven thousand years while the intriguing Indus Valley Civilization of Pakistan existed some six thousand years ago. Each civilization brought with it interesting cultures and traditions. The rich history of the continents accounts for the diversity of culture which exists today.

House to the Tallest Buildings

Asia houses ninety percent of the world’s top ten tallest buildings. At the top of the list is Burj Khalifa of Dubai which is as tall as 2717 feet. The Shanghai Tower is at the second place with a whopping 2073 feet of height. In addition, another one of the tallest buildings of the world is just under construction—the Kingdom Tower of Saudi Arabia. After its completion, the amazing building will stand as high as 3300 feet, thereby winning the title of the world’s tallest building.

Asian Facts - House To The Tallest Buildings

The World’s Fittest People

In terms of weight, the world’s fittest people exist in Asia. The credit for this achievement goes to an interesting law in Japan which makes obesity illegal! According to this law, the Japanese people have to watch their waistlines. Males over the age of forty cannot have a waistline exceeding 85 cm while women of the same age get a little concession of five extra centimeters. This is one of the most amusing Asia facts.

The Largest Mango Producers

Mangoes are among the most delicious as well as nutritious fruits. The largest producer of mangoes is India where different varieties of the fruit are grown. Mango season lasts for only three to four months. Within this time span the country manages to produce as much as twelve million tons of the fruit every year.

Asian Facts - The Largest Mango Producers

Interesting Trivia

Here is a list of some trivial yet highly interesting facts about the world’s largest continent.

  • The combined population of China and India is around 2.5 billion which makes up one-third of the entire world’s population.
  • Spanning over an area of 9.6 million square kilometers, China stands as the third largest country of the world. However, this entire region is covered by only a single time zone.
  • The Himalayas mountain range consists of the largest peaks existing in the entire world. This mountain range is found in South Asia and attracts a number of tourists from the West.
  • The world’s largest shopping mall is in China. It can house over two thousand shops and also contains an indoor roller coaster.
  • In Thailand, the New Year is celebrated in April with a popular water gun festival. The festivities last for two days from the 13th of April to 15th April.

With such trivial as well as significant facts about the continent, Asia has been intriguing the rest of the world for centuries.

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